There are few days a woman looks forward to more than her wedding day. There are many, many, details a bride-to-be will plan and envision while anticipating her big day, some of which include: decor, the venue, the menu, and of course, how the bride herself will look. Aside from the dress, the other important thing that will receive the most thought and attention is without a doubt, the hair style. Thankfully, a lot can be done in order to achieve a stunning wedding hair style.

No matter what your hair type, now’days there are so many tools at our disposals that nearly any look can be created for any hair length and texture. From intricate braids to cascading curls, or sophisticated updos, there are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles that it can be difficult choosing just one. Huffington Post just released an article featuring¬†forty different wedding updos that really shows just how much variety there is — and that’s just for updos! If you’re in need of any inspiration, I recommend looking through their gallery.

Braids are a great way of creating a romantic impression and look great in both updos and partial updos. Combining braids with wispy locks of hair and a floral headpiece is great for completing a bohemian look. If you’d like more of a regal look, creating a crown of braids and adding tiara will do wonders. If you have shorter hair and would like to achieve braids or just add some length then hair extensions are the way to go. Extensions now come in a wide range of colors and can easily be clipped in at home or professionally sewn in and can be styled in any way.

With all the different head pieces available it is easy to add personal touches to any style. You find the perfect compliment your hairdo using flower bands, tulle, tiaras, lace and more. I personally love all the floral themed hair pieces that feature pretty pearls or crystals. I am also a big fan of birdcage veils and think they make gorgeous head pieces and are a fabulous alternative if you’d prefer not having a traditional trailing veil. If you want to view some pretty hair pieces then BHLDN is a great place to find feminine, whimsical hair accessories. They have a nice selection of really unique pieces including decorative pins and combs, crowns, wreaths, and dainty circlets.

Having a memorable and jaw-dropping hair style is, in my opinion, absolutely essential for every bride. The most important thing is to go with something that reflects your own style and personality and whatever makes you feel the best.