In the world of vaping, growth and innovation come, almost like the daily news. In that, things are always changing and more and more things come to market. As things progress, unlike other technologies, obsolescence really isn’t as much of a factor.

The mod business is growing at a stellar rate, and new companies are popping up here and there. There are so many makers we can’t keep track, and artisan pieces are becoming more and more common.

E-juice manufacturers are coming out with new flavors all the time, and new companies are flourishing in this vast market.

New tanks and RDAs come out, seemingly, on the daily!

The only items that don’t seem to be growing in sales are the actual E-cigarette or cig-a-likes, as some refer to them, because they look like a cigarette. These are maintaining a constant sales rate, and those that use them seem to be happy with them.

There are predictions that this trend for up-swing will continue. More items will be brought to market and more producers will continue to join this ever growing market. It has even been mentioned that vaping may actually replace big tobacco according to . This is supported by recent studies done revealing that vaping can be successful in smoking cessation.

The only possible negative prediction is that it is rumored the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, wants to take control of this entire market and disassemble it. They want to restrict what can be purchased or utilized, enough so, that it could destroy the entirety of vaping and e-cigarette usage.

The down side to this possibility is that it would leave thousands of people just one option to get nicotine, and potentially force their return to analog tobacco products.

This would be the absolute worst case scenario, but we have faith that the American people will not let this happen. There is a way to combat this, and that is to speak up. Make it known that we prefer this over tobacco, as it is a better way to get nicotine and without all of the other harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

Our hope is that vaping and the like stay for as long as it can, uninterrupted. We just cant see all that negative becoming a reality, and no one wants it that way, so why would we let that happen?

The very best case scenario would suggest that things like new flavors come to market, or our next favorite mod and tank combo are brought to fruition, and most of all Vaping is left to grow as it has since the beginning.

We think that the right prediction in this case is that the people will continue to build the world of vaping, and we all will enjoy the growth and prosperity of a fully realized market saturated with flavor, technology, and the pursuit of cloudiness!