There are two major benefits of ticketing proxies. First one of anonymity. Second one is significantly lower price. In some cases, the price difference can reach hundreds of dollars. So while the first benefit of ticketing proxies is obvious, let’s consider the second benefit of ticketing proxies in great detail.

The best way to take advantage of ticketing proxies is by using a virtual private network, the network built through public wires that allows you to connect to a variety of private networks accessible from the Internet. There are lots of services on the Internet that allow you to use a virtual private network as a ticketing proxy.

There is a story on the Internet in which a person was able to book a flight with a price cut of 100$ through the use of virtual private network as a ticketing proxy. In this story, the person saw a price increase of 100$ by simply logging out of his virtual private network and deactivating Google Incognito mode. By logging in back into his virtual private network and activating Google Incognito mode, the price went back to cheap.

Another way one can reap the benefits of ticketing proxies is by using a fake location. Though we call it “fake”, there is nothing illegal or unethical about this technique. It simply takes advantage of location-based technology used in most travel sites. With this technique, you input a location of some place where ticket prices are lower than those of your location. Though the price will show in the currency of the country which you have input, the final price will be significantly cheaper than the one you would get by using your US based hometown.

You can reap benefits of ticketing proxies without actually using them. You can do so by making yourself appear to be in a location different from your actual one. This way you leverage point-of-sale systems and foreign currencies to get cheaper price.

While using this technique, keep in mind that the countries with lower incomes tend to have significantly lower flight prices. Applying this logic, using one of Colombia’s cities as your point of sale instead of your US based hometown and Colombia’s currency instead of the United States’ dollars will yield significantly lower flight prices. You don’t even have to change any other parameters of your search. All you have to do is change the sales city. When you do that, the currency is going to be changed to that of the sales city. This will result in a significant discount which you will see when you convert foreign currency into the United States dollars. This trick has been shown to work in Kayak and Skyscanner.