Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is the art of understanding an individual’s soul through the lines and features of the hand. It has roots in Indian astrology and Roma fortune telling. Usually, the dominant hand is the one analyzed. Here are some common palm features and how to interpret them.

The heart line is the line is the line that runs horizontally just below the base of the fingers. It pertains to love, emotions, and matters of the heart.

-Begins below the index finger: a happy love life
-Begins below the middle finger: selfish in relationships
-Begins in between index and middle finger: falls in love easily
-Touches the life line: heart is very breakable
-Straight and short: an unromantic person
-Wavy: you have many lovers throughout life, none of them serious
-Long and curvy: expresses emotions freely
-Circle on the line: you have a melancholy soul
-Straight and parallel to the head line: you handle your emotions well
-Broken line, or smaller lines crossing through the heart line: you’ve experienced emotional trauma

The head line is the line that runs horizontally or diagonally just below the heart line. This line rules over your intellect.

-Short: not an intellectual person
-Curved and sloping: creative
-Circles or crosses on the line: emotional crisis
-Doesn’t touch life line: adventurous
-Wavy line: short attention span
-Multiple crosses through the line: important decisions
-Straight line: realistic thinker
-Deep and long: clear and focused thoughts
-Broken line: hypocrisy or inconsistent thoughts

The life line is the line closest to the thumb, and tells about your life path and physical health.

-Runs close to thumb: tired very often
-Semicircle shape: strong and enthusiastic
-Long, deep, or multiple life lines: more vitality than others
-Short and shallow: easily manipulated
-Curvy: lots of energy
-Straight and close to the edge of the hand: afraid of intimacy
-Broken line: a sudden and drastic lifestyle change at some point in your life

Not everyone has a fate line, but when present it runs vertically or near-vertically down the palm. This line signifies fate or destiny.

-Starts connected to life line: a self-made individual with high aspirations
-Deep line: very subject to fate
-Starts at the base of the thumb and crosses the life line: supportive family and friends
-Breaks and changes of direction: many events in your life are due to external forces
-Joins with the life line near the middle: at some point you’ll have to put others’ wishes before your own

Palm reading is like horoscopes, in that it reveals aspects of your personality and tendencies. It’s also like other forms of fortune-telling, in that it can reveal future events. Try palm reading and get the best of both worlds!