Pallet racking is a system that is used to handle the storage of materials. It consists of storing materials on skids or pallets. There are a few different types of pallet racking, but the main goal of every technique is to store palletized materials in multiple levels of horizontal rows. Most pallet racking systems rely heavily on forklift trucks.

Most Common Forms of Pallet Racking Systems

A major goal of pallet racking is to increase the storage space inside of a facility. Pallet racks are essential in accomplishing this goal. It’s best to think of pallet racks are a system for material handling. The individual pallets that are used in the system are made from plastic, metal or wood.

The pallets are used with larger racking systems and can also have multiple levels and shelves. There is usually a decking base located on each level, which supports storage objects. Most decks are made from wire mesh.

Forklifts are used for the loading process because many rack constructions can be several meters high. The structure of most pallet racks is roll formed, which consists of columns that are supported by beams. They might also be structured using bolted beams.

One of the most popular types of pallet system is selective racks. This configuration features pallets that can be accessed from the structure’s aisle. The supports for the pallets use in this configuration are beams. This configuration can support several types of storage.

Deep reach and standard storage systems are used with selective racks. Some other popular options are push back backing systems and drive-in racks. For high density storage, drive through or drive-in racks usually work the best.

Push back racking systems usually work best for bulk storage. Another common type of pallet rack is the flow rack. Also called gravity flow racks, these are ideal for high density storage needs.

What Companies Use Pallet Racking Systems?

Pallet racking systems work very well for companies that have large warehouses. Amazon is an excellent example of a company that uses pallet racks. They use these systems in their shipping warehouses because they must handle massive amounts of storage.

While Amazon is an ideal example, pallet racks can work well for companies of any size. Many companies need a small pallet racking system to handle retail electronics while others need a much larger system for a much larger warehouse.

The good news is that there are racking solutions for companies of all sizes. Larger companies that deal with massive amounts of inventory will receive the greatest benefit from using pallet racking, but there is no shortage of benefits for smaller companies.