5 Interesting Ways to Utilize your Magnum Clock

According to Wikipedia, a digital clock  is one that displays time digitally in bright red numerals or symbols rather than an analog clock where time is indicated by hands that rotate. A digital clock is easy to program with a remote control.

A magnum clock is a very large such digital clock with reliable critical applications. The biggest one is the Lichtzeitpegel (“Light Time Level”) on a television tower in Rheinturm Düsseldorf, Germany.

Use a magnum clock in churches

Pastors love having such a visible clock hanging on the back wall in the main worship venue which he is able to view from the pulpit many feet away. It is also helpful to music and play directors to keep presentations to their timing requirements when the clock can be easily read from the stage area.

A magnum clock can also be used to count down to the final bid in silent auctions, in pancake eating competitions, charity walks, and much more.

Use a magnum clock in school activities

Everyone can easily see it, and the remote makes setting, starting, and resetting very easy.

In an outdoor music festival, for instance, the clock on a camera platform may be about 100 feet away from the artists and in direct sun, so it is important that it can be read from that distance.

Use a magnum clock for sports events and in gymnasiums

As essential equipment for any timed event is a quality accurate LED clock with large easy-to-read bright numerals. For example, in swimming competitions, it has to be able to work in a pool environment. It is perfect with a count up, a count down, a timer, and the remote control.

The clock is a vast improvement in gymnasiums and in sports team locker rooms and training rooms because it can be read from anywhere.

Use a magnum clock in businesses

Magnum clocks can be placed on the walls in work areas, and cell phones can be banned for safety reasons. The employees are also more attentive to their work and more prompt with their break and lunch times.

The clock is loved in the conference room where it facilitates successful presentations that can be easily kept within a time span.

Find a magnum clock to view in Washington, DC

The clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO)
is the standard of time for the entire United States and provides a large amount of astronomical data and products.

Other suggestions include the track announcement board at Union Station and the SunTrust Bank clock at Dupont Circle, 1369 Connecticut Ave. NW.



Gym Etiquette: The Ultimate Rule Book to Follow

Nothing ruins a great workout as quickly as poor gym etiquette. While the rules for polite behavior might be obvious to long-term gym devotees there is a significant number of people who are blatantly oblivious when it comes to gym behavior. These breaches of etiquette are sometimes merely a source of amusement, but others are dangerous not only for the person who commits them but also for others.

Whether you’ve been working out for years or are new to the gym, you don’t want to be the person who annoys or even endangers your fellow members. Keep these gym etiquette rules in mind during your next sweat session.

1. Wipe down equipment – Depending on how busy your gym is the same piece of equipment can get used dozens of times a day. Whether it’s a treadmill or a bench, no one wants to encounter your sweat and germs. Most gyms provide paper towels and a cleaning solution. Use them as a courtesy to the next guy.

2. Put it away – When you’re finished with any portable equipment, put it back in its proper place. This makes it possible for the next person to find it. It also means that you won’t be leaving it out as a trip hazard.

3. Leave it in the locker – Toting around an enormous gym bag is never a good idea. It gets in other people’s way and is a dangerous trip hazard.

4. Lose the cell phone – If your cell phone is an important part of your training, then by all means keep it with you. Fitness apps can be tremendously helpful. However, if you’re chatting or checking Facebook, you’re distracted and more apt to hurt yourself. Also, no one wants to hear the juicy details of your latest conquest while they’re trying to work out.

5. Respect headphones – When you see someone with headphones on, leave them alone. Now isn’t a good time to make friends or ask for pointers. They’re telling everyone that they don’t want to be disturbed.

6. Give space – Everyone needs a little elbow room. Avoid walking too close to someone who’s in the middle of a set. Similarly, don’t pick up a set of dumbbells and start doing curls right next to the rack so no one else can grab a pair.

7. Don’t be a hog – It’s easy to see when the gym is crowded. Don’t put a bottle of water on a piece of equipment to “save it.” If you’re using a squat rack or other coveted piece of equipment, allow someone else to “work in” with you rather than dominating the equipment for an unreasonable amount of time.


How to protect your Outdoor Furniture against Winter Weather

If you live in an area of the country that gets cold during the winter months, you will need to take steps to protect your furniture. In the event that it is left untreated against the elements, furniture can rust or become brittle. This may result in having to repair or replace tables, chairs and other pieces the following spring.

Spray a Protective Coating on Metal Surfaces

If your furniture is made from cast iron or any other metallic surface, you should spray paint it as soon as possible. A coat of primer and a coat of paint specially designed for metal can provide a barrier against the cold weather as well as moisture from rain, sleet or snow. This barrier will ensure that the metal does not interact with oxygen in the air, which could lead to rust or corrosion.

Cover Your Furniture During the Winter Months

One option that you have is to cover your furniture with a tarp or a blanket. Some materials are specially formulated to both keep rain and snow off of the furniture while also insulating it against the cold, which can keep it from getting weak or brittle. However, almost any blanket, tarp or covering will help keep your patio table and chairs protected against the harsh weather during the winter months.

Bring it Inside

In some cases, it may be best to simply store the furniture inside during the winter. You can pull it into the garage or a storage shed until it gets warm enough to start using it again on a regular basis. If you don’t have a storage shed or anywhere else to put it, short-term storage units may be an answer. For those who live in apartments, it may be possible to use your outdoor furniture as indoor furniture to conserve space.

Wash the Furniture at Least Once or Twice

If the furniture is left outside at all during the year, make sure to wash it before it gets cold out. Dirt, grime or grease may freeze to the furniture’s surface and remain their permanently. In some cases, it may be possible for your table or chairs to develop a layer of salt or salt residue. This could occur if you throw salt on the deck to melt the snow or throw other materials that are intended to melt snow. Washing the salt can reduce the odds of it eating away your furniture.

Protecting your furniture now may make it easier to extend its useful life. However, you decide to shield it from the elements, make sure to do so in a manner that will not damage the furniture or act as an abrasive agent when applied.


Budget Living: Great Ideas for Styling Your Home

A home is a fantastic place in which to reside. Although some people may believe that keeping a home stylish costs a lot of money, the reality is that there are plenty of great ideas that can help a home look amazing at a decent price. The result can be that a home provides families, couples and singles with an excellent place to live.

A great way to start redoing a home is to wait for special times within the yearly calendar in order to purchase appliances and other items that can cost some money. Remember that retailers like to feature heavy discounts to merchandise on Thanksgiving Day and the day after Christmas. While many people are aware of those types of sales, keep in mind that there are sales on other holidays that can enable people to save big. There are sales on Labor Day and Memorial Day that can enable individuals to save plenty of money on all types of merchandise from home décor to kitchen appliances. When people wait for holiday sales to arrive, they can identify great sales with deep discounts. Finally, if a retailer is out of a certain product, there is a great chance that similar items will be discounted as well.

Another great idea that can enhance the look of a home that fits into many budgets is to paint one room or many rooms. A fresh coat of paint can revitalize the look of a home. Paints can come in numerous types of colors and is able to match many different kinds of looks and décor. Another benefit about going with paint is that if people to not like the look, they are able to paint over the old color. Homeowners can be daring and not stick to traditional colors that may seem conservative and drab .

It can be easy to believe that excellent décor is found only in high-end retailers or designers who spend their lives creating beautiful homes. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of great ideas and inexpensive décor available at stores that sell items for only $1. Such a discount store can enable people who are on a tight budget the freedom to choose what type of décor they want. Some people like to get various items at a decent price and combine them with others in order to create a unique masterpiece that can enliven the look of a room.

Pre-Recovery: The Key to a Fast Data Recovery

Fast data recovery methods are essential for any business that wants to keep up with their competition. Cloud storage solutions have allowed companies to keep more of their data safe. However, pre-recovery is an important part of the data recovery process that many people don’t keep in mind.

Why Does Pre-Recovery Matter?

As more companies expand their range of could services, there is a greater need for those companies to provide greater security. As cyber threats continue to increase, the risk of losing data increases. Companies can easily avoid many of the high expenses associated wth data recovery through ensuring that solid pre-recovery practices are in place.

What Happens During Pre-Recovery?

Backing up your important data in more than one location is essential. Even though you might use one location for most of your backups, using multiple locations helps ensure that you are better covered in the event of a major data disaster. The important thing to remember is that good data recovery cannot occur with a corrupted device, making it essential to use fully functional devices. Ensuring that stable backups of files and applications that you need exist in a secure place will make recovery as hassle-free as possible.

Back up everything that you need on a regular schedule so that you can access your saved data as it becomes necessary. For your most important items, this will mean daily backups. Other items should have once or twice-weekly backups, such as updates to installed software.

Treating Different Types of Data Appropriately

One of the least difficult types of recovery often turns out to be reinstalling the operating system. As long as there are sufficient, recent backups of everything important, reinstalling an operating system is less intrusive than many other issues that may arise. The main issue becomes an issue of making sure that the necessary applications and drivers load successfully.

Although data recovery after a disaster is possible, this process can be somewhat expensive for average users. Most companies have plans for regular maintenance and backups for that reason. Daily backups of all your documents are essential for your success. When you need to backup photos and videos that are considered irreplaceable heirlooms, it is necessary to take extra precautions to keep this data safely.

Although data recovery is essential sometimes, having the right backups makes all the difference. Without these backups, the recovery process will be more difficult, and some data might be lost. Using responsible pre-recovery steps is a good way to ensure that your recovery goes well.

How to Balance the Different Areas of Your Life

Everyone strives to live a balanced life, as it is often at the top of people’s lists when it comes to lifestyle goals. However, with all the things we’d like to achieve, it can be hard not neglecting certain parts of our lives while trying to focus on a single accomplishment. These areas include, career, health, relationships, family, and other hobbies. Once you know what your priorities are, use some of these tips to help you balance different areas of your life.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Being able to do two tasks at once is a great way of maximizing your time and using it to maintain balance . Audio tapes are great if you’re trying to learn a language, studying a subject, or finish a book. You can listen to them while doing housework, commuting to work, or on the treadmill. You can look for more multitasking opportunities to help balance areas of life.

Develop a Routine
Having a routine has been shown to reduce stress, as well as help with better time management. Routines make your day more predictable, and therefore run more smoothly. As we get use to our routine, we start to work more efficiently and save time that can be used towards area of life that need more attention. A routine will help you feel more grounded and less scattered, which is beneficial to creating a feeling of balance and harmony.

Use a planner/schedule
Your routine doesn’t have to be the same every day of the week, so use a planner or schedule as a visual tool to see which areas are getting most of your attention and how to best adjust time spent on each area of life. If you can see that it’s been awhile since you’ve had a family outing, or that you haven’t made time for your social life, then use your schedule to plan one a weekend or more in advanced.

Eliminate Distractions
Life is full of distractions that keep us from focusing on the important things in life. By dedicating yourself to eliminating distractions, you’ll gain more control over using your time wisely and on the areas of life that hold more meaning to you.

The trick to making positive changes in your life is through the understanding that they won’t happen overnight. Just trying to be conscious of where of what areas of life you distribute your time will be a great improvement, and you’ll continue to gain awareness and be able to make adjustments to live with better balance.

The Top Fall Handbags for Everyday Use

Excellent Daily Handbags For the Fall Months
If you need a high-quality bag that will get you through the fall season in style and comfort, then you have a lot of terrific choices out there. There are many amazing options in fall handbags that are suitable for all different types of daily occasions. If you want a dependable and sturdy bag that’s appropriate for everything from work to school and beyond, then you’ll surely be dazzled by the latest offerings.

Snake print handbags are big for the fall season. These bags are a delightful combination of striking and subtle and unassuming. As a result, they’re ideal for the fall. If you want to look simultaneously low-key and chic as you go about your weekly errands, a snake print bag can definitely do the trick for you.

The fall season is all about casual cool. If you want to look effortlessly fashionable all fall long, then you should opt for accessories that work well with your entire clothing selection. Handbags that combine patterns and neutrals are a great example. Since these bags blend the best of both worlds, they work like a charm alongside most apparel options out there.

Nothing is ever more stylish than being kind to the world and the environment. We only have one planet to rely on, after all. If you want to be the epitome of eco-friendly, hip and efficient this fall, then you should purchase a bag that’s made out of a breezy and basic material such as linen. Remember, excellence in style doesn’t mean constantly having to wear sumptuous materials such as leather.

As far as bags for any season go, practicality is king. If you want a fall handbag that’s perfect for use every single day of the week, opt for one that is equipped with a number of different carrying choices. If you tire easily of holding your bag on your shoulder, for example, then you should look for one that you can also drape over your body. Don’t forget that the most attractive bag is one that’s particularly functional and effective. If a bag is uncomfortable and not very useful, you probably won’t want to keep it for daily use regardless of the specific season. Bags that feature an abundance of convenient carrying choices are undeniably excellent for daily use in the fall months.

Bags that are capable of functioning as handy backpacks are also seriously in style for the fall months, to say the very least. If you want to relive your carefree school days, then you may want to purchase this type of handbag. A stylish backpack can be excellent for busy days at the office. It can also be excellent for evening trips to the local fitness center.

How Do Mobile Satellites Help Your Business

Over the years, the world of technology has evolved to incorporate different aspects of life. There are many companies that have emerged and developed different types of communication gadgets that are used for many reasons. As such, many people have developed interest in acquiring different types of communication tools to increase their communication capabilities. Due to increased number of people purchasing mobile phones, there are different companies that have developed communication equipment and channels for communication. These channels are used from every part of the world to facilitate exchange of information. This has led to development of different mobile satellite companies that provide different services to different groups of people. Through these mobile satellites, many businesses have evolved and are developing at a very fast rate. These satellites help business people to establish reliable communication between different clients and customers. This leads to maintain good working relationship between the two parties. Maintaining contact helps the business to keep record and track of all business process taking place in the business field.

Mobile satellites have enhanced the financial sector in business. They are mostly used by business people to carry out financial transaction thus reducing the amount of time wasted in seeking banking services. There are different money transfer software that have been developed and used by the mobile phones to transfer money from one point to another. This has also facilitated the payment of goods and services through the electronic process. This process is convenient and fast since money can be transferred from any part of the world in an instant. They also help the business in terms of security since businesses are able to transact money electronically without using hard cash. This has minimized the amount of money loss that was characterized by using physical money exchange process. The satellite system has also eased the process of customer identification. Different business people can easily identify their seasoned and potential clients through the mobile system by using these services.   Through this process, the business entities are able to increase their customer base which leads to increased sales.
Through the global positioning system, different businesses are able to know the kind of person they are transacting business with. This is because the mobile satellite system has introduced different codes that are associated with specific countries across the world.

This encourages confidentiality in business when dealing with different types of clients and customers. This system offers the business opportunities with variety of information about new products in the market. With enough information, business personalities are able to know which kind of product will lead to increased sales as depicted on this webpage . The mobile satellite provides businesses with enough research information on which type of business venture is more lucrative in the market.

The Key to Creating a Great Home Owner’s Association

One of every five American residents live in communities governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA). The specific rules and regulations that are outlined in each individual HOA contract have been deemed a blessing by some homeowners, while others feel that the unwielding power and unreasonable expectations the HOA has over the community is indeed a curse.

To create a great Home Owner’s Association in a community, several steps must be undertaken to ensure that the Association adheres to all legal laws and ordinances that are set forth in state property codes.

Depending on the area, certain steps will probably need to be followed to formulate the HOA. These steps include:

  • Forming a nonprofit corporation or LLC to establish a business structure.
  • Creating conditions, restrictions, and rules homeowners must abide by, while describing how the HOA will operate.
  • Establishing procedures for future modifications of established rules and regulations.
  • Making the rules and regulations clear and easy to understand.
  • Drawing up bylaws and an articles of incorporation, as well as any other related documents.
  • Clearly outline operating procedures, voting guidelines, and meeting frequency.
  • Electing qualified board members and officers that truly care about the well-being of the community.

As HOA’s have to deal with a multitude of real estate issues, it is advisable that they hire an attorney specializing in HOA-related issues and concerns during the early stages of HOA development. Legal issues, whether they be on the local, state, or national level do arise. An attorney can keep the HOA apprised on any new developments, and may very well help the HOA avoid potential problems before they arise.

HOA’s collect dues from homeowners each month. This money goes toward administrative expenses (such as management services, and accounting and legal representation), as well as going toward the upkeep of common areas (which can include garbage collection, pool maintenance, and landscaping services). The balance of funds remaining after these expenses are paid into a reserve fund, which is kept to pay for larger projects. The HOA needs to keep comprehensive records of all these transactions on a monthly basis, and must bring in a board member that is capable of effectively administering this important HOA component.

Above and beyond anything else, a great HOA needs to elect board members and officers that truly care about their fellow residents and the community as a whole. People that are well informed, and openly communicate with homeowners on a regular basis. If the HOA has participating members that truly strive to do the best for their community, then conflict and strife can be greatly minimized, resulting in greater peace and harmony among close neighbors.

How to pick a Restaurant for your Rehearsal Dinner

For most of us busy brides out there, planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Between finding the perfect photographer, picking out centerpieces and revising your guest list four thousand times the rehearsal dinner plans can often fall to the wayside. Use some of these tips to pick the right restaurant (or other venue) for your rehearsal dinner.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a site for your rehearsal dinner is style. Do you want to have a laid back casual dinner or would you rather have a more formal affair? In most cases the formality of your rehearsal dinner should align with the formality of your actual wedding. The Knot provides some good rules of thumb for planning a rehearsal dinner. The dinner is a more intimate setting to get to connect with close family and out of town guests, so make sure you chose a venue that will allow you to do this. For example, if you are inviting older guests to your dinner, holding it at a venue that is very loud may not be a good idea.

Just like everything else in your wedding, knowing your budget for your rehearsal dinner is important. Traditionally the groom’s family is in charge of footing the bill for this. If you plan on following tradition, talk to the groom’s family and come up with a plan you all feel comfortable with. If you are among the lucky few that have little to no budget constraints you may want to check out country clubs, hotel dining rooms or any mid-upscale restaurant near your wedding venue. If you are hoping to spend a more modest amount on the rehearsal dinner do not fear! You can put together a great evening without breaking the bank. Smaller family owned restaurants are often times willing to work with you and customize the menu to fit your needs. You also don’t need to feel pressured to make it a full on dinner. In this case h’orderves and drinks will be more than enough to serve the purpose of the rehearsal “dinner.”

Breaking tradition can also be a fun way to host a rehearsal “dinner” by doing a brunch, barbecue or brewery tour. Consider using the assets you already have and love to show people a good time before the wedding and spend time with your valued guests. If you or someone close to you has a great backyard or apartment rooftop don’t be afraid to use it. Sydney Latimer at The Huffington Post shared how she turned her rehearsal dinner into a family style meal cooked by her own bridal party. This is a great way to host a fun dinner in a more laid back setting and you won’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg.

No matter what you chose for your rehearsal dinner don’t forget what it is all for. Soak up some quality time with the people closest to you and to thank them for being a part of your special day.


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