It can be hard to build a distinctive identity on the Internet. There are a lot of different businesses and websites out there, and all of them are competing for the attention of the same people. Anything that does not stand out from the crowd is going to get forgotten and ignored very quickly, so nothing is more important than being distinctive and memorable. There are many different tools that a person can use to stick in their viewers’ memory, but custom designs are among the best of those tools.

People tend to be better at remembering unique images than they are at remembering text. The human brain developed to remember things that it has seen, especially when those things are unique or unexpected. People can take advantage of that quirk of human psychology to stand out from the crowd by associated themselves with unique images. People who want to do so need to be careful to make sure that their images are distinctive, since people are likely to confuse images that are too similar to each other. The best way to ensure that an image is sufficiently unique is to have one that is custom designed for the occasion. That ensures that no other image will be too similar to it, and also that it is appropriate for whatever business, event, or website that it represents.

While a person can easily find or purchase a stock design, such designs are almost never as useful as custom designs. Graphic design is a very complicated field, and a designer needs to take a wide variety of different factors into account if they are going to produce a design that meets their client’s needs. A designer who is producing a stock design that will be used by a wide variety of different clients can only take their best guess at what those factors will be, and then use those guesses to produce something that will be acceptable to many different people. By doing so, they can produce designs that are good enough for simple things, but they can never produce something that is perfect for a specific situation. They simply do not have the information that they need to produce something perfect, because they do not know what the design is going to be used for. That problem vanishes when a designer is hired to produce a custom design, because in that case they can get information about the specific project that they are working on and produce a design that is perfectly suited for that project.