When your Christmas decorating includes a Winter Wonderland theme, you’ll want bright lighting and special effects to illuminate trees, walkways, and landscaped areas. White lights create an elegant Christmas display, and the more lights you incorporate into your design, the more dazzling your effect will be. Warm, white lights give off a yellow glow, while all-white lights have a bluish hue. The lights you choose are a matter of preference and styles include:

  • Rope lights
  • Stars and snowflakes
  • Icicle lights
  • Net lighting
  • Traditional string lights
  • Twinkle lights

Rope lighting creates an interesting effect when used to trim a balcony railing or an outdoor path. Snowflakes and stars can trim trees or extend along the eaves of your home. Icicle lights are available in a variety of style and look stunning when used with other styles of white lights. Traditional icicle lights have a warm glow while cool white lights have the appearance of actual icicles. Newer, LED lights use less energy and burn longer. Net lights create a lovely sight when draped over shrubs and trees. String lights offer a way to be creative. The lights can be wound around a banister, draped around tree trunks or used to outline windows and doors. Twinkle lights offer a shimmering, starlight effect.

Illuminated Christmas decorations add holiday spirit to your Winter Wonderland display. The winter theme can be enhanced with crystal snowmen or reindeer, sparkling angels with trumpets, Christmas stars and LED Christmas trees. Luminarias are lanterns that can be placed along your walk or driveway to add a festive air to your display. Begin your decorating project with outlining eaves, windows, and doors of your house, then create a dazzling light show around your shrubs and trees, patio or deck, and your garden. Outline fencing with rope or string lights. Add extra sparkle to your display with silvery colored lights.

Another way to be creative and create a festive space for entertaining during the holidays is to decorate a glassed-in porch or sun room using a white, blue, and silver color scheme. Decorating an indoor space can be effective if it can be seen from the front of your home.Vintage-style ornaments in white, silver, and light blue can decorate a 1950’s vintage Christmas tree. Coordinate bright, shining ornaments with muted, satin styles to create a beautiful spot to entertain family and friends. Enhance the effect of tiny, twinkling lights around window frames.

One of the best things about creating a spectacular winter display for Christmas is that the LED lights on the market cost less to operate than traditional lights. You can use your imagination and make the most of your decorating. Interesting illusions can be created when you combine twinkling lights with lights that stay on constantly. You should use all one size when decorating the exterior of your house, but you can create different effects by using different sizes and styles on trees, shrubs, and any outdoor area.