Nothing ruins a great workout as quickly as poor gym etiquette. While the rules for polite behavior might be obvious to long-term gym devotees there is a significant number of people who are blatantly oblivious when it comes to gym behavior. These breaches of etiquette are sometimes merely a source of amusement, but others are dangerous not only for the person who commits them but also for others.

Whether you’ve been working out for years or are new to the gym, you don’t want to be the person who annoys or even endangers your fellow members. Keep these gym etiquette rules in mind during your next sweat session.

1. Wipe down equipment – Depending on how busy your gym is the same piece of equipment can get used dozens of times a day. Whether it’s a treadmill or a bench, no one wants to encounter your sweat and germs. Most gyms provide paper towels and a cleaning solution. Use them as a courtesy to the next guy.

2. Put it away – When you’re finished with any portable equipment, put it back in its proper place. This makes it possible for the next person to find it. It also means that you won’t be leaving it out as a trip hazard.

3. Leave it in the locker – Toting around an enormous gym bag is never a good idea. It gets in other people’s way and is a dangerous trip hazard.

4. Lose the cell phone – If your cell phone is an important part of your training, then by all means keep it with you. Fitness apps can be tremendously helpful. However, if you’re chatting or checking Facebook, you’re distracted and more apt to hurt yourself. Also, no one wants to hear the juicy details of your latest conquest while they’re trying to work out.

5. Respect headphones – When you see someone with headphones on, leave them alone. Now isn’t a good time to make friends or ask for pointers. They’re telling everyone that they don’t want to be disturbed.

6. Give space – Everyone needs a little elbow room. Avoid walking too close to someone who’s in the middle of a set. Similarly, don’t pick up a set of dumbbells and start doing curls right next to the rack so no one else can grab a pair.

7. Don’t be a hog – It’s easy to see when the gym is crowded. Don’t put a bottle of water on a piece of equipment to “save it.” If you’re using a squat rack or other coveted piece of equipment, allow someone else to “work in” with you rather than dominating the equipment for an unreasonable amount of time.