If you’re a big fan of EDM (electronic dance music) and are planning on attending an upcoming event that’s centered around the genre, then it’s definitely a good idea to do some research on attire that’s appropriate. If you’re looking to have the time of your life at an EDM concert or festival, you want to relax, feel comfortable, have fun and of course fit in well with the rest of the attendees. Fortunately, dressing suitably for an EDM event generally is a pretty easy task. EDM attire never has to be formal or stuffy.

Comfort is the name of the game at EDM events. When people visit EDM events, they love to move and get their energy out. You won’t ever see an EDM crowd standing still as their favorite tracks play. This is why it’s so crucial to sport breathable and relatively loose attire at EDM events, particularly when the weather is on the hot or humid side. Polyester makes a particularly strong material choice for EDM events. If you want to enjoy an EDM event, consider opting for board shorts, tank tops, bodysuits and short shorts that are made of polyester. If you’re a female EDM fan who is planning for weather that’s slightly chillier, consider wearing leggings. The goal is to wear clothing that isn’t too hot and that will allow you to stretch and feel free and relatively unrestricted.

If you’re going to be at an EDM event, think carefully about your footwear choices, too. Since you’ll probably be dancing the night away feeling carefree and spirited, choose a comfy pair of shoes with closed toes. Tennis shoes are a great example. EDM events are all about being in extremely close and cramped quarters with other people, so you don’t want to risk running into someone and injuring your toes unnecessarily. EDM events are all about dancing, too, so keep any high heels you might have at home.

Accessories are also a significant aspect of dressing the EDM part. Sunglasses are commonly seen on people who go to EDM events, especially when they’re located outdoors in the daytime. Not only can shades shield your delicate eyes from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the afternoon sun, but they can also give you a mysterious, cool and perhaps even slightly “devil may care” EDM look. EDM events at night often involve strobes, projectors and lasers, so a nice pair of shades can shield you from all of those things. Other examples of cool accessories that make great choices for EDM events include backpacks, sweat bands (prepare to perspire heavily), headwraps and hats. If you have all of those things on hand, you’ll be good to go at any EDM event.