Eco-friendly conditions exist beyond residential boundaries. In fact, many businesses are implementing simple changes to become more environmentally friendly. Small changes to how a business conducts its operations will help any owner go green. Going green is a great to save the planet and attract eco-friendly customers. Below are 10 simple changes to make for going green.

Biodegradable Cleaners. Today, businesses can locate many suppliers of biodegradable cleaning products. These products are introduced into the environment when used and are less toxic than non-biodegradable cleaning products.

Compact-fluorescent or LED lights. These lights use less energy and last longer than standard bulbs. It is a great way to save money, over time, and give back to the planet.

Post-consumer waste. Better known as PCW, the use of post-consumer waste is a great way for businesses to go green. Creating PCW paper uses 45% less energy and 50% less waste than traditional paper. Go the extra mile; don’t forget to recycle paper and continue the cycle of going green.

New appliances. The old faithful appliances are using too much energy. Businesses should replace appliances with energy efficient ones. Theses appliances will help a business on their energy costs.

Green transportation. There are many options for eco-friendly company vehicles. Vehicles that use alternative fuel or hybrid cars are ideal. Employers can encourage public transportation and ride share options.

Waste Management System. The Small Business Administration recommends that businesses have a waste management system. This would include how the business would reduce, reuse and recycle.

Rebates. Save money by visiting DSIRE for rebates. Businesses can search for state incentives for green products.

Conserve Water. Energy is used to heat water; therefore, water conservation is very important to going green. The following are simple steps to conserve water:
• Use water efficient appliances
• Repair leaks
• Use automatic faucets
• Use an energy efficient water heater
• Use landscaping that is water efficient

Green computers. Computers are used in most businesses and waste a lot of electricity. Implementing green practices will help to conserve energy. There are a few tips for green computer usage:
• Shut down and unplug computers at the end of the day
• Set computers to automatically sleep
• Remove screen savers
• Recycle old computers

More emails. Businesses use a lot of paper. Sending more emails will help decrease wasted paper. Email is a great way to communicate within the office and to customers. Also, it provides a great way to track messages.