Our brains are muscles! Many people don’t realize this simple truth. This means that you can exercise your brain. If you are weak on memory, try these games to strengthen your memory. Your brain will be glad you gave it some time to head to the gym!

Chess is an excellent way to strengthen your memory. There are billions of possible outcomes for each game. You will need to remember past successes and failures to get better. The game can literally exercise your mind for an entire lifetime.

Great Scrabble play requires you to remember frequently used words that score the highest number of points. You will also have to remember new vocabulary! Ultimately, Scrabble is just a game of memorizing thousands of legal patterns. The fact that these patterns happen to match up with English letters that form words makes the game accessible.

Mastermind is a challenging board game where you need to decode a correct sequence of colors. Using only clues given to you after each attempt, you need to use your memory to crack the code in a fixed number of turns.

Successful bridge play is all about remembering what has already been played. Your memory will be increased by remembering the location of all of the different cards. Once you play, you will understand why it is considered the chess of card games.

The mystery board game Clue offers plenty of opportunity to strengthen your memory. Skilled players even attempt to play without using the little notebooks included in the game.

Yes, that old standby is an effective memory boosting game. Place cards face down, turn only two over at one time, and try to locate where all of them are in the fewest number of turns. This is a great solitaire game that can increase your memory.

This classic board game forces you to remember the identities of different pieces throughout the entire game. Place your army, hide your flag, boost your memory, and win the game!

This game with light patterns is a great memory coach.

Go is an ancient Chinese game that involves the placing of black and white stones on a large grid. As complex as chess, mastery of the game requires the memorization of hundreds of different patterns to consistently make the best move.

Blindfold Chess
Yes, we are mentioning chess one more time. Why? It is because you can actually attempt to play chess without seeing the pieces. It’s true! Many chess websites offer blindfold chess as a settings option. On a regular chess board, The blindfolded player simply calls out all of their moves using chess notation. This is the powerhouse of memory boosting games.