Understanding the Limitations and Advantages of Mattress Egg Crates

Bed sores occur when someone rests for a protracted period of time in a single position. Anyone caring for another person, for instance, an incapacitated or immobilized hospitalized patient, must help the patient turn to re-adjust weight at rest periodically in accordance with the health care institution’s nursing care guidelines.

Mattress egg crates won’t substitute for that type of hands-on assistance in a medical situation. Yet these useful, comfortable devices hold great value in a self-care home setting, and often in institutional settings as well. They enable fully mobile individuals who don’t require turning to enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep.

What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores essentially stem from the application of too-frequent pressure to specific locations. Some medical facilities today use special alternating pressure mattresses to help relieve the pain of bed sores. It startles some people to realize that simply reclining in the same position for a long period of time over the course of days or weeks will cause painful pressure sores to develop without intervention by caregivers. These wounds may occur on the back, hips, buttocks or other areas where a human body places pressure against the mattress for protracted periods of time.

When individuals lack the flexibility to move easily during the daytime, they may tend to remain in the same position for long periods at night during sleep. Even able-bodied individuals sometimes discover the early signs of bed sores stemming from a lack of mobility during sleep. Serious medical problems potentially occur if a bedsore grows infected. In immune-compromised individuals or the very young or very old, bedsores prove especially concerning. Caregivers should make every effort to avoid this problem.

The Value of Egg Crate Mattresses

Shaped like the proverbial egg carton, egg-crate mattresses offer a valuable tool in enhancing sleep comfort for a multitude of people. These flexible mattress toppers do not contain sharp projections, yet the varied soft surface contours help alleviate pressure points during sleep. This engineering feature gently helps prevent constant pressure on certain focal points as an individual reclines. An egg crate mattress certainly won’t prevent the development of bed sores by itself, but this device does enhance comfort for people suffering from sensitive pressure areas.

For this reason, egg crate mattresses help many people obtain a satisfying night’s rest. Even some premier cruise lines now offer egg crate mattress toppers to their guests. If you’ve experienced sleep comfort issues, an egg crate mattress might provide a great solution!