Have you ever wondered what type of technology other businesses use? The following eight tech tools and products will help give your business a boost.

1. Freshbooks: Accounting and finance is a huge part of running a business. With Freshbooks and similar accounting tools, you can handle online client invoicing, time tracking, and expenses tracking. The program is streamlined and simple to navigate, making it a great option for entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting out.

2. ZenDesk: If customer service plays a role in your business, and chances are it does, the ZenDesk interface is the leading customer support product for businesses. You can see all of your customer support information in one place and keep your entire team up-to-date in real time.

3. Facial Recognition Vending Machine: There are few things that customers love more than getting something for free. London-based company SapientNitro has creating a vending machine that uses facial recognition to give people a freebie just for smiling. After a customer smiles at the machine, they can upload the image to Facebook, which increases social media marketing for the brand. Facial recognition is also used on digital signage to detect gender and age range, which helps the signage deliver targeted ads.

4. MailChimp: E-mail marketing is huge and is arguably the most important aspect of your social media marketing campaign. One of the best e-mails services on the market today is MailChimp. You pay for a subscription based on the number of mailing list subscribers you have. You can setup all types of newsletter, auto-responders and text-only e-mails based on your needs.

5. Trello: If you have a lot of projects up in the air, there’s a ton of software out there to help you get organized and stay on track. Recommended by Forbes, Trello is a great collaboration tool for companies with a million projects up in the air and a big team that needs to stay on the same page.

6. Augmented Reality: A great example of using augmented reality to promote your business comes from Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker. Outside of Harrods, reps handed out paper wristbands. When people stood in front of the LCD screen, the welcome sent coordinated of the paper wristband into an augmented reality system, which then displayed a video of the person on the LCD screen. The image showed the person wearing a 3D version of the watch. These types of high-tech displays are used at all types of events to promote a variety of products.

7. Shopify: Any retailer should consider setting up a Shopify store. More than just a place to sell items, Shopify is on the cutting edge of everything required for online marketing.

8. Virtual Currency: Companies that have branded games or apps, or that want a presence in the mobile app world, can use virtual currency so that users can get virtual goods or upgrades. In exchange for the virtual currency, all the person has to do is watch an ad or sponsored content.