Moving is one of the most thankless jobs out there. Luckily, you don’t need to feel chaos on your moving day. Instead, keep your belongings organized and your sanity intact with a few hacks that are sure to make your move a little smoother.

1. Clothes
Hanging clothes should be kept on hangers. Simply organize clothes together, so you can find them easily at your new place. Slide a garbage bag over your clothes in bundles. Try to keep bundles to 15 to 20 items. Roll up folded clothes to save space. Use seasonal items (especially if you don’t plan on using them right away) to wrap around breakables.

2. Dishes
Keep dishes safe by placing foam or paper plates, bowls and cups between your good dishes. Wrap unused towels around larger bowls and serving items. Use gallon-size Ziploc bags to keep knives, forks and spoons together yet organized.

3. Organization
Color-code boxes with stickers to ensure all items are delivered to their proper places. Use blue for kitchen, red for bedroom, yellow for bathroom and black for the living room. Make sure to place the stickers on the same spot on each box. Remember to place stickers on the sides of boxes to ensure the colors are not hidden. Use egg cartons to organize jewelry, hardware and other small items. Use a Sharpie to write the name of the piece of furniture that corresponds with hardware in the bottom of the carton.

4. Heavy Items
Use suitcases for your heaviest items since suitcases are already equipped with handles and wheels. Cut holes in the shapes of upside-down triangles in the sides of boxes to create handles for boxes holding heavy items.

5. Furniture
Keep soft items in dresser drawers. Wrap sheets of moving plastic around the drawers to ensure nothing slides out. Use dollies to move furniture to moving vehicles and into your new home. Pack your truck with ease by keeping heavy furniture toward the front, drawers facing the wall and large items loaded into the cab first.

6. Electronics
Take photos of your electronics before you unplug anything. Retrieve the photo when it’s time to set up your electronics in your new home; you’ll have a reference sheet to see where all of your cords belong.

7. Before You Pack
Get rid of as much stuff as possible before you even begin packing. Most people end up packing items they don’t want or need—like magazines, unused electronics cords, dead batteries and clothes. It seems counterproductive to pull out all your stuff, throw half of it away and then put it all away—especially when you’re going to pull everything back out on packing day. Yet throwing away what you don’t need will save you time and sanity once you begin packing.

Moving day doesn’t need to be feared. Take pleasure in your new home by keeping your belongings in order and easy to find. You’ll spend less time moving and more time enjoying your new home.