For parents or professional photographers who want to take pictures of children, it can be a challenge to get the right shot during a photo shoot. From super active kids to crying babies, it often seems impossible to capture children who are at ease for beautiful photos. To make for an easy process that proves to be successful, there are a few effective tips to follow.

1. Get Down on Their Level

To enhance the quality of the photos, it’s important to kneel down when photographing the children to prevent them from looking smaller than they really are. Avoid standing up and looking down on them, which can make them intimidated by the camera and create an angle that is anything but candid. Shooting at their level will make it easy to interact with them and have fun for more playful photos.

2. Make Them Feel Comfortable

Children will shine and show their true personality when being photographed if they feel at home in their environment. It’s important to make them laugh, get to know you, and feel safe in their surroundings to ensure that they smile and look joyful. Choose to shoot the photos in a setting that they’re familiar with for candid photos that they’ll be at ease in.

3. Get Children Used to Seeing the Camera

According to, children should be used to seeing the camera to ensure that they feel comfortable getting photographed. Make a habit of taking their photo everyday in both posed and candid shots. This will allow them to become unfazed by the camera’s presence.

It’s also important to photograph them when it’s most convenient for them. Choose a time when they’re relaxed and at peace instead of when they tend to be most hyper or active.

4. Use Natural Light

Using natural light when photographing your children will enhance the quality of the photos and will improve the clarity of the shot. If there’s not enough natural light, you can rely on the flash if it’s not overwhelming. Use a lens that has a large aperture or an f/1.8 prime lens for a clear picture that will look enhanced without having to edit it too much. Relying on natural lighting will allow the photos to appear less artificial and will prevent the kids from looking like a deer in the headlights.

5. Use Props

According to, it’s important to relate to the children that you’re photographing by using squeaky toys and props that they’ll take an interest in. This will allow them to smile, establish trust with you, and be in a great mood.

6. Stick to Neutral Clothes

It can be tempting for parents to choose bright clothes with plenty of patterns when it’s time for a photo shoot, but the details with the kids’ wardrobes can detract from their faces. Dress your child in normal, everyday clothes that they feel comfortable in to ensure that they’re the focal point of the scene.