According to Wikipedia, a digital clock  is one that displays time digitally in bright red numerals or symbols rather than an analog clock where time is indicated by hands that rotate. A digital clock is easy to program with a remote control.

A magnum clock is a very large such digital clock with reliable critical applications. The biggest one is the Lichtzeitpegel (“Light Time Level”) on a television tower in Rheinturm Düsseldorf, Germany.

Use a magnum clock in churches

Pastors love having such a visible clock hanging on the back wall in the main worship venue which he is able to view from the pulpit many feet away. It is also helpful to music and play directors to keep presentations to their timing requirements when the clock can be easily read from the stage area.

A magnum clock can also be used to count down to the final bid in silent auctions, in pancake eating competitions, charity walks, and much more.

Use a magnum clock in school activities

Everyone can easily see it, and the remote makes setting, starting, and resetting very easy.

In an outdoor music festival, for instance, the clock on a camera platform may be about 100 feet away from the artists and in direct sun, so it is important that it can be read from that distance.

Use a magnum clock for sports events and in gymnasiums

As essential equipment for any timed event is a quality accurate LED clock with large easy-to-read bright numerals. For example, in swimming competitions, it has to be able to work in a pool environment. It is perfect with a count up, a count down, a timer, and the remote control.

The clock is a vast improvement in gymnasiums and in sports team locker rooms and training rooms because it can be read from anywhere.

Use a magnum clock in businesses

Magnum clocks can be placed on the walls in work areas, and cell phones can be banned for safety reasons. The employees are also more attentive to their work and more prompt with their break and lunch times.

The clock is loved in the conference room where it facilitates successful presentations that can be easily kept within a time span.

Find a magnum clock to view in Washington, DC

The clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO)
is the standard of time for the entire United States and provides a large amount of astronomical data and products.

Other suggestions include the track announcement board at Union Station and the SunTrust Bank clock at Dupont Circle, 1369 Connecticut Ave. NW.