If you are looking to stock up on food for your family’s survival kit, then you should consider adding these five foods to your family’s survival kit. Although there are many other foods available, the following five foods will help you and your family survive in the event of an emergency.

Canned Fish

One of the most important canned foods that you should have on hand for your family is canned fish. In the event of an emergency, canned tuna or salmon are the perfect choices because these foods are filled with protein and do not have to be prepared or cooked to eat. Although they fish perishes once opened, you can probably get two separate servings per can.

Dried Foods


Although beans and rice take some preparation, they are also a must-have food to have on hand in your family’s survival kit. What makes dried beans and rice good food to add to your family survival’s kit is that these foods last for a very long time and they can be prepared very quickly. In addition, rice and beans contain many essential minerals and vitamins that your family needs to survive should there ever be an emergency

Canned Fruits

In addition to tuna, salmon, dried rice and beans, you definitely should plan on adding canned fruits to your list as well. Many of the canned fruits contain Vitamin C. The juice from canned fruits can also be used to stay hydrated as well. If you don’t add canned fruit, then you should add canned juice instead.

Cereal or Protein Bars

Another food that you should have on hand are cereal or protein bars for your entire family. Both cereal and protein bars are a good source of protein, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. In addition, these foods are very filling as well. Many of the protein bars that are available in the store can also be used as meal replacements. As such, you should consider adding cereal and protein bars to your family’s survival kit.

Canned Juice and Drinks

In an emergency, it is very important to stay well-hydrated. If you are planning on gathering items for your survival kit, then you should plan on adding canned juices and drinks to your family survival kit. Unlike food that is consumed three times a day, juice and drinks need to be consumed more frequently. Since it is unlikely that you will have a fresh supply of water or milk on hand, you definitely want to make certain that you have enough canned juice and drinks in your family’s survival kit.

By taking the time to carefully consider what five foods you should add to your family’s surival kit, you will have the reassurance that your family will have everything they need to eat in the event of an emergency.