Having your kids brush their teeth daily could either be an easy process or extremely tough to deal with. Convincing kids to brush and floss seems like a huge impossibility especially if they generally do not like brushing their teeth. Just a few small ideas can help you convince your kids to start doing this morning and nightly chore without problems.

4 Ideas for Encouraging your Kids to Brush/Floss

– Toy Toothbrushes

Consider giving your child a nice toothbrush that has a unique Superhero or Princess on the toothbrush. You want brushing and flossing to look like it’s tons of fun to do. Make it something entertaining for them. In other words, anything to get them to have fun while brushing is a success in itself. Consider investing in those toothbrushes that can play music or spin the toothbrush around to make them more entertained.

– Soft Dental Floss

Most dental floss products for adults are usually very harsh on the gums unless they are naturally very strong. You need to remember that dental floss on a child’s gums and teeth can cause bleeding or pain. Look for floss that’s gentle on the gums and won’t cause any pain for the child.

Making It A Family Bonding Opportunity

Use this time to help teach your kids the importance of brushing. Take your other older kids, siblings, spouse, and anybody else in the home to toothbrush all together. Doing this will allow for you to make this a family bonding opportunity, and it will teach young kids that it’s important for everybody, including the adults to do this. Make the kids feel like they need to do this to feel included in the family. All you need is a few nights of doing this together to convince a young child to start brushing and flossing.

– Rewards Chart

Create a tiny chart of every time they brush their teeth. Every single time they do it when you ask them to, they will receive a sticker on the wall. Give them a prize when they receive 10 or 20 stickers on the wall. This rewards chart is a great way to really encourage them to continue and also have your very involved with all of it. Kids who learn how to brush early on will eventually forget about the chart and learn to continue on without their charts in the future once they remember to brush.

Kids will learn early on the importance of getting their teeth brushed and flossed, but you need to be the example first. Make it a goal to really try and spend some time with them as they begin. You have to be the one to remind them, and with time, they should be able to do it all on their own. Tooth brushing is something they must follow and do every single day to maintain oral health and keep the gums clean. These four simple ideas will surely help you encourage them as best as possible.