Vaping: Electronic Cigarette Predictions for 2016

In the world of vaping, growth and innovation come, almost like the daily news. In that, things are always changing and more and more things come to market. As things progress, unlike other technologies, obsolescence really isn’t as much of a factor.

The mod business is growing at a stellar rate, and new companies are popping up here and there. There are so many makers we can’t keep track, and artisan pieces are becoming more and more common.

E-juice manufacturers are coming out with new flavors all the time, and new companies are flourishing in this vast market.

New tanks and RDAs come out, seemingly, on the daily!

The only items that don’t seem to be growing in sales are the actual E-cigarette or cig-a-likes, as some refer to them, because they look like a cigarette. These are maintaining a constant sales rate, and those that use them seem to be happy with them.

There are predictions that this trend for up-swing will continue. More items will be brought to market and more producers will continue to join this ever growing market. It has even been mentioned that vaping may actually replace big tobacco according to . This is supported by recent studies done revealing that vaping can be successful in smoking cessation.

The only possible negative prediction is that it is rumored the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, wants to take control of this entire market and disassemble it. They want to restrict what can be purchased or utilized, enough so, that it could destroy the entirety of vaping and e-cigarette usage.

The down side to this possibility is that it would leave thousands of people just one option to get nicotine, and potentially force their return to analog tobacco products.

This would be the absolute worst case scenario, but we have faith that the American people will not let this happen. There is a way to combat this, and that is to speak up. Make it known that we prefer this over tobacco, as it is a better way to get nicotine and without all of the other harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

Our hope is that vaping and the like stay for as long as it can, uninterrupted. We just cant see all that negative becoming a reality, and no one wants it that way, so why would we let that happen?

The very best case scenario would suggest that things like new flavors come to market, or our next favorite mod and tank combo are brought to fruition, and most of all Vaping is left to grow as it has since the beginning.

We think that the right prediction in this case is that the people will continue to build the world of vaping, and we all will enjoy the growth and prosperity of a fully realized market saturated with flavor, technology, and the pursuit of cloudiness!

How to Donate Your Vehicle in 2016

Donating your old car is one of the easiest ways to get rid of it, as well as a simple way to give back to your community. If you recently purchased a new car, and you’re looking to donate your old one, here are a few ways to do so.

There are many different charities you can donate your car to, some of the most popular being the Children’s Cancer Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and RAINN to name a few. provides an easy service if you want to donate, but don’t want to have a time commitment when it comes to the actual donation. With this charity, you can choose from hundreds of different charities, depending on your preference. Once you are connected with the charity of your choice, you only have to enter some information about your car and they will come to pick up your vehicle the next day. You won’t be charged any fees, and the car will be out of your hand in only one day. For a majority of the charities, you will be eligible for a tax break.

Another popular charity site is, which is partnered with the Make a Wish Foundation. They take pretty much any type of car you might have, so don’t worry about meeting any specific requirements. They will even take a motorcycle if you have one to give. Wheels for Wishes will pick your car up free of charge car regardless of if it runs, or isn’t in ideal condition. Simply call their toll-free number and give a few details about your car, and you’re on your way to a car donation. Your tax-deductible donation will help a family in need, as well as give you that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping out others.
If you are looking for the maximum tax deduction possible, you may want to think about giving it to a charity that will directly use the car in its operations. Some charities will sell your donated car and use the proceeds towards the charity. While both ways will help others, the larger deductible will come from a charity that directly uses the car in its operations.

While many charities do provide you with towing services that you don’t have to pay for, if you live close enough to the charity, driving there will guarantee the charity the maximum amount of money possible since they won’t have to pay for the towing fees. How, where and to whom you donate the car to is completely your decision, which is one of the many benefits.

These are only a few examples of ways to donate your car, and the local charities in your area will be able to assist you in your donation. Whether it be through the Make a Wish Foundation, or your local charity, donating your car is an amazing way to give back to your community, and will help you out with a great tax deductible.

The Ultimate Fashion Guide for 2016

The dust might have settled on the spring/summer 2016 runways, but we are still basking in the afterglow of everything we saw in London, Milan, Paris and New York. As we usher in the new year, we also welcome the trends of 2016. They are bold, unabashed and beyond statement-worthy. And even though they come and go, trends define the season. From broad-based stripes to over-the-top geometric patterns, the retro-chic styles of 2016 are definitely worth embracing.

Slip Dresses

Hints of boudoir dressing is making a comeback. The slip dress has returned and is slinker than ever before. Trimmed in lace slip-on dresses in see-through chiffon or satin should be high on your list of must-haves. Sleek and sexy underwear as outerwear is a lead concept for the upcoming SS16.

Bold Statement in Stripes

Stripes are making a bold comeback in a variety of geometric formations. For SS16, the bold stripe is definitely fashion forward.

Sheer Beauty

Chiffon and organza are back with vengeance. The key to wearing this dream-worthy trend is layering and building the opacity for a look that’s “politically correct” for everyday wear.

Spanish Flair

Brocade textures with 3-D florals combined with layers of ruby red ruffles will coax the inner Matador out of you.

Return of the 70’s

With tie-dye and fringe making a huge comeback this year, it’s must to incorporate a few pieces into weekend wardrobe. You always knew that if you were patient, you would finally be able to break out those go-go boots

Pleats Galore

Who says pleats are only for Yuppies? Pleats have found their way back into mainstream style and can be found in the most unexpected designs.

Metallics and Geometrics

Both of these are going to be heavy-hitters this spring and summer.

The Victorian Era Rises

Ruffled blouses, flouncy skirts and ultra-feminine florals have made their way back into mainstream fashion.


The white button should be staple in everyone’s closet, the latest designs kick things up a notch. Bold cuts and draping gave the classic oxford a makeover.

The Comfort Factor

The flat mule received rave reviews on the runways this year. Found in a variety of patterns and hues, they a key element to this season’s designs.

His and Hers

Androgyny is once again blurring the lines of fashion and making strong cuts and unexpected pattern combinations popular choices among the top designers.


From faux fur to stylized leisure suits of the 70’s men’s fashion is equally eye-catching. Bomber jackets in dark hues are a staple this spring and summer season. They easily convert from causal day to night. Make the most of this trend with rich hues and a variety of different materials to keep things contemporary.

Textured shirts paired with a tailored pants marked the runways of Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons. Contrast is the key when combining colors to achieve sophisticated look.

The Best Tips for Tracking and Managing Expenses

If you feel like your money is evaporating out of your bank account and you have no idea where it is going, you are not alone. Many people know on paper that they have enough money to pay for all of their expenses, but they nonetheless struggle to make ends meet each month. In order to determine where all of your extra money is going on a monthly basis, it is necessary to track your spending in some way. Then, you can make adjustments to your spending habits and financial behaviors to curb your spending where necessary.

Create Your Budget
As a first step, create a budget if you do not already have one. It should include line items for all expenses that you spend money on. This includes everything from your mortgage or rent payment to food, clothing, medical expenses and utilities. Some expenses will be fixed, and others will vary from month to month. This means that you may need to adjust your budget from month to month to ensure that you do not have a shortfall. For example, in August when you buy the kids’ back-to-school clothes, your clothes expense may be very high. In September and October, however, you may have minimal expense for clothing in your budget. This is just one of many examples of expense categories that may be much higher one month than the next.

Track Your Expenses
Then, track your expenses each month by keeping your receipts. Each evening or week, depending on your preference and time availability, update your budget with your expenses. Monitor each expense category as the month progresses to determine how closely you are staying to your budget. Based on your realistic spending, you may need to adjust your spending in some categories the following month, or you may need to adjust your budget. Because expenses can vary from month to month, you may consider following this step each month going forward, using your budget as a helpful tool to guide your spending decisions.

Use Cash for Extras
Another helpful idea is to use cash for extra expenses. For example, you may take $200 out of the bank at the beginning of each month. This may be the only money you have allocated for movies, going out to eat, buying coffee and more for the month. Once this money is spent, you will know that you cannot spend any additional money that is not budgeted for until the first of the following month. If you find that you are falling short of cash regularly this way, you may need to increase your extra spending budget or decrease your spending habits.

Budgeting and managing expenses is rarely simple and easy to do, and many people are challenged by this task. However, there are a few steps that you can take to improve your spending habits as well as your financial management and budgeting efforts. You can put these helpful tips into action soon, and you may find that you can rein your spending under control.

How to Reach Your Dreams in 2016

This is the year where your dreams can come true. It’s the start of the year, and you basically have 12 months ahead of you to accomplish your biggest goals. The key is to know what you must do in order to reach such a dream. This 2016, use these unique tips and tricks to help get you on the right track.

How to Reach Your Dreams In 2016

– Create A Plan

Creating a plan is the best way to make sure your dreams come true. Only out personally know the process of using your dreams a reality. Nobody else in the world can tell you the right path for you to take. Write down a list of things you can do right now to get a step closer to your dreams coming true. A plan is merely about writing down things that you must do to further improve your growth and development. For a singer, it should be taking voice lessons, finding a event or, getting your EP made, getting a demo made, and finding the right record label. Only you know what your path is supposed to be.

– Gain More Support

You want to look for support from your family, friends, and people who you believe in you. The truth about your dreams is that it is not easy going at them alone. It will require days for you to undergo that may be too difficult for you to bear. It can be scary if you aren’t prepared for those days that don’t go easily. With support, you’ll fulfill your dreams and stay motivated throughout the entire 2016.

– Schedule Time By Improving Productivity

There is always so little time in every single day. Keeping a schedule of things you should be doing and at what time should be something that you must do daily. Whether it’s meeting up with your coach or instructor, taking classes in your field, or doing the right research daily for your dreams, you must make sure that your time is spent doing what you need to do in order to achieve your dreams this year.

Milestones And Small Goals

It is that you maintain your ability to keep your big dreams in front of you, but do not be afraid to set small manageable goals and milestones. For a figure skater, it may mean landing a specific jump or learning a spin. Before they ever reach Olympic glory, many small milestones must be accomplished.

To reach your dreams this 2016, you need to know exactly what your dreams are. Do you want to become a successful novelist, musician, actor, or doctor? Know that certain dreams must require several years to acquiesce such a dream, but it does not mean you cannot achieve something amazing this year. This is a brand new year with new opportunities, and the above tips can help get you on the right path. To achieve success, it’s all about pursuing your dreams and going after them head on.

How to Build a Military Shadow Box: 5 Steps to Follow

Displaying military medals, citations, ribbons, patches, photos and souvenirs in a shadow box display is a long standing tradition among veterans. The collection tells a visual story of your military service with no words needed.

The process of building the shadow box is fairly simple given you have the right tools and the proper materials.

Layout the display Gather all the items to be displayed and lay them out on a display board of some kind. Arrange them in any pattern or sequence you desire keeping in mind you want to tell a story. Photos usually are centered at the top or in the center. Once you have finalized your layout, measure the width and length. These measurements dictate the interior size of your box.

Gather materials – Your basic material list should include:

• Sheet of plywood
• Lengths of 3″ molding
• Wood glue or nails
• Carpentry tools
• Hanging hardware
• Sandpaper
• Stain or paint
• Wood sealer
• Velcro®

Measure and cut all wood pieces. Remember the old carpenter’s rule of “measure twice, cut once” when you measure and mark plywood and molding for cutting. Measure the plywood so that you leave a 3” lip on all four sides to accommodate the 3” molding. Use a carpenter’s square to inscribe your cutting lines so all cuts are at right 90 degree angles.

Display board cover. You’ll want to select an elegant material such as black velvet as a backdrop to your military memorabilia pieces rather than displaying your collection on plain plywood. Using material will also allow you to use Velcro® to attache the items to the board rather than having to glue them on. Once you’ve found the covering, cut it to match the plywood base. Brush a thin layer of shellac or varnish on the plywood, then carefully lay the material down so that it evenly covers he board. Use a roller or squeegee to press the material firmly to the board so that no wrinkles or air pockets are visible.

Assembling the finished box. Depending on what you are using to join the wood frame pieces (small finishing nails or glue or a combination of both) lay out all of your wood pieces in a logical construction sequence. Join the four wood sides so they make a rectangle. If you use glue only, allow at least thirty minutes for the wood glue to dry and from a strong bond. Attache the display board to the frame. Your shadow box is finished and ready to receive the military collection for display.

Cut sections of Velcro® to size for each piece of memorabilia and then press each piece into place. This allows you to maneuver the items around in order to form a perfect display arrangement.

When the entire collection is attached, the hang the shadow box to the desired wall location using the hanger hardware attached to the rear of the display board.

Baby Shower Gifts: 5 Great Places to Shop on a Budget

A recent US News article gave some great tips on throwing a baby shower on a budget, but what about the gifts? Many expectant mothers register for large and expensive items, such as cribs, strollers and baby monitors. If you don’t have the funds to shell out for a costly gift, use your creativity to shop for something meaningful that doesn’t have to break the bank. Below are five places you can shop for a baby shower gift on a budget.

The Drugstore

Although you can find services that provide baskets for new moms complete with everything they need for their newborn, you can put one together yourself for less money. Shop the pharmacy when items are on sale to gather a collection of products to pamper mom or necessities for a new baby. You can put together a massage kit for dad to help mom relax after an tiring night of not sleeping or a baby bum kit complete with diapers, diaper cream and baby powder.

The Craft Store

If you have an idea of what the nursery is going to look like, you can customize it with a handmade gift. Spell out the baby’s name in wooden letters and paint them in the same color scheme as the room. If you know how to knit or crochet, create a baby blanket that will serve as a keepsake for years to come. This option may take some of your time, but the new mom will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll save money.


If you’re not crafty or don’t have time to create something from scratch, buy a gift that shows you put thought into it by shopping on Etsy, an online handmade marketplace. You’ll find unique ideas for baby shower gifts and many that can be customized.

The Grocery Store

Put together a basket of snacks for busy parents to eat when they’re starving, exhausted and don’t have enough time to think about a meal. Pack things that are easy to eat with one hand while the other is holding the baby, like granola bars, trail mix and dried fruit. Don’t forget the chocolate.

The Local Spa

Many spas offer packages and specials, and mom is going to be sore in strange places after giving birth and holding a new baby for hours on end. Get her the gift of massage for her baby shower. If you know a massage therapist, maybe you can barter for a gift certificate. Even if you don’t, go in on a massage package with a few friends and give the expectant mother a gift she would never think to give herself but fully deserves.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can shower an expectant mother with gifts that show your creativity and thoughtfulness. Make her feel special by giving her something meaningful and let grandma get her that expensive car seat.

6 Tips for Photographing Children

For parents or professional photographers who want to take pictures of children, it can be a challenge to get the right shot during a photo shoot. From super active kids to crying babies, it often seems impossible to capture children who are at ease for beautiful photos. To make for an easy process that proves to be successful, there are a few effective tips to follow.

1. Get Down on Their Level

To enhance the quality of the photos, it’s important to kneel down when photographing the children to prevent them from looking smaller than they really are. Avoid standing up and looking down on them, which can make them intimidated by the camera and create an angle that is anything but candid. Shooting at their level will make it easy to interact with them and have fun for more playful photos.

2. Make Them Feel Comfortable

Children will shine and show their true personality when being photographed if they feel at home in their environment. It’s important to make them laugh, get to know you, and feel safe in their surroundings to ensure that they smile and look joyful. Choose to shoot the photos in a setting that they’re familiar with for candid photos that they’ll be at ease in.

3. Get Children Used to Seeing the Camera

According to, children should be used to seeing the camera to ensure that they feel comfortable getting photographed. Make a habit of taking their photo everyday in both posed and candid shots. This will allow them to become unfazed by the camera’s presence.

It’s also important to photograph them when it’s most convenient for them. Choose a time when they’re relaxed and at peace instead of when they tend to be most hyper or active.

4. Use Natural Light

Using natural light when photographing your children will enhance the quality of the photos and will improve the clarity of the shot. If there’s not enough natural light, you can rely on the flash if it’s not overwhelming. Use a lens that has a large aperture or an f/1.8 prime lens for a clear picture that will look enhanced without having to edit it too much. Relying on natural lighting will allow the photos to appear less artificial and will prevent the kids from looking like a deer in the headlights.

5. Use Props

According to, it’s important to relate to the children that you’re photographing by using squeaky toys and props that they’ll take an interest in. This will allow them to smile, establish trust with you, and be in a great mood.

6. Stick to Neutral Clothes

It can be tempting for parents to choose bright clothes with plenty of patterns when it’s time for a photo shoot, but the details with the kids’ wardrobes can detract from their faces. Dress your child in normal, everyday clothes that they feel comfortable in to ensure that they’re the focal point of the scene.

The Best Time of Year to Place Your Home on the Market

Although many argue that the spring is the best time to sell a home, the statistics actually confirm that the winter is the best time of the year to put a home on the market for sale. With February at the top of the list, homeowners who list there home anywhere between December and May have a greater chance of success.

Most Home Sales Take Place in February

According to the reports, homes listed in February are usually sold within a three month time period. Even though most people believe the spring is the best time to sell a home, it actually isn’t. According to experts, motivated buyers are more inclined to buy a home during the months of January and February. However, listing a home on the market during that time period is not a guarantee that the home will sell.

Taking The Steps to Get Your Home Ready For Sale


Homeowners have to put their best foot forward to sell their home. Even though listing a home during the winter months increases the chance that it will be sold, homeowners still need to take the steps to prepare their home for sale before putting it on the market. Luckily, homeowners do not have to take on major remodeling projects to achieve their goals.

Small Home Improvement Projects and Staging Can Make a Difference

Minor improvements to a home really make a tremendous difference. Experts recommend adding light to an entrance, replacing counter tops and painting with neutral counter tops. Staging a home for sale is also one of those projects that doesn’t cost a lot and can be done rather quickly. In most cases, staging can involve working with furniture, artwork and possessions that you already have. Staging is designed to help highlight all of the positive features of a home for a quick sale.

Organizing and Decluttering a Home is Key

Getting organized and removing items from your home to make it look larger and brighter is one of the cheapest ways to stage a home for sale. When staging a house for sale, homeowners should put themselves in the shoes of the buyers who will be entering their home for the first time. Sellers need to think about what items are important to buyers and what items are not. Although homeowners do not have to remove every personal item from their home, everything does not need to be displayed.

If your goal is to sell your home quickly, then you definitely want to put your home on the market anytime during the months of December through May with January and February being the absolute best two months of the year. Although homeowners who list their homes during those months have a greater chance of success, they still have to take the steps to prepare and stage their home for a quick sale.

5 Ways Tile Improves The Appearance of Your Home

When it comes to improving the appearance of home or apartment, floor and wall tiles can improve the appearance of a home in five different ways. In addition to making a home look more luxurious, larger, brighter and modern, tiles are also easier to maintain and known to increase the value of a home as well.

Tile Makes a Home Look Luxurious

Whether you want to upgrade one room or all the rooms in your apartment or home, tiles can help you achieve a polished luxurious look at a tremendous savings. In addition to using traditional tiles that look similar to authentic marble, stone and other materials, many homeowners are also having heated tiles installed in their bathroom, kitchen and other parts of their home to make their home more luxurious and increase the overall value.

Brighten up Your Rooms With Neutral and Pattern Tiles

If you are looking to brighten the rooms of your home, then you should consider installing tiles in some or all of your rooms. As many homeowners have discovered, tiles can dramatically improve the appearance of a home. When choosing a color you can choose a light neutral colors that make a room naturally brighter. However, many homeowners are now installing tiles with bright patterns that look like wall art to brighten up their house.

Tile Increases The Appearance of Your Space

One of the fastest ways to make your home or apartment look more spacious is to have tile installed in one or all of your rooms. When choosing tiles, you want to install larger size tiles because smaller size tiles actually make a home look smallerl. In addition to choosing large tiles for the floor, you may want have tile installed on certain walls as well. By choosing the right colors and size, you will be on your way to making your entire home look larger than it really it is.

Tile is Easier to Maintain and Clean

If your carpet needs to be replaced or wood floors are worn, then you should think about having tiles installed instead. Tiles improve the appearance of a home because they always look good. Whether you have a matte or polished tile installed, tiles always look clean whether they have just been cleaned or not. Having clean tiles installed will dramatically improve the appearance of your home almost immediately.

Tiles Make Older Homes Look Modern

In addition to making a home and apartment look brighter and larger, tiles also help make older homes and apartments look modern almost instantly. Whether or not you plan to install tile in one room or all the rooms of your home, replacing old floors and carpet with modern tile can only improve the appearance of an older house, condo or apartment.

If you are are interested in improving the appearance of your home, then you will be glad to know that the right tiles can instantly make any room look brighter, larger and luxurious almost instantly. In addition, tiles are extremely easy to clean and can make an older home or apartment look modern quickly.

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